How Russell Brunson Taught Me That Physical Fitness is the Ultimate Status Symbol

Russell Brunson tells his famous story about how his wife didn’t want a fancy car…Instead, she wanted a minivan as a status symbol to tell the world that she identified as a mom.

He illustrates the story to show that status isn’t just about having a Rolls Royce, Rolex, and showing off bank account balances on the internet. 

Status symbols are all about communicating your ‘level’ to your peer group.

With that in mind, physical fitness is the hallmark of high performance for entrepreneurs and leaders. 

Those that take care of their body and mind are rewarded with respect, prestige, and the elusive “all-day” energy. 

I find it most interesting because Russell’s analogy still works for those who aren’t physically fit or who aren’t productive. 

On the far opposite end of the spectrum, the unfit and unhealthy are judged and viewed as sloppy or lazy.

The funniest part about it is that many high achievers still own fancy cars and watches but they don’t have the physical appeal to back it up. You know the type…They have Homer Simpson bellies and cigarettes in their mouth and are famous for attracting gold diggers and ‘arm candy’ to match their other flashy status symbols.

I find it most interesting at the opposite end of this particular spectrum. I’m talking about folks with impressive physical fitness who haven’t created wealth or financial success yet. They still have better status when people talk about them behind their back. 

“He might have a dead-end job but that guy is jacked.” is much different from “His Lambo is nice but do you think he’ll even be able to fit his belly under the steering wheel?”

So what is the most coveted status?

It’s a combo. 

The ability to have it ALL.

A booming business, a healthy real estate portfolio, the flashy car, the watches, the arm candy, the perfect family, AND an incredible body AND the stoic-humble leadership qualities in great parents we all admire.

You can’t buy the full package. 

You can’t use relationships and people who ‘owe’ favors.

For ideal body fat %, perfect bloodwork, and real energy, you really can’t even leverage new technology to ‘hack’ it (though it’s getting there). 

Status takes work in any area and in any direction regardless of genetics. 

The fallacy is that: “I’ll eat healthy after I get my business to xxx million/billion.” 

Or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” or “How is working out going to help my team or my family?”

These are all BS Stories and they too involve status. 

They associate eating well, working out, and focusing on longevity as some status symbol they don’t want to be a part of. 

Shortcuts like surgery don’t work because they don’t move the needle internally. 

Real health and real fitness takes real consistency and alignment with a true (healthy) identity. 

It can’t be bought or faked.

The industry and good marketing of unhealthy products is not an excuse. 

 At the end of the day, we make our own choices and we have excellent access to cutting-edge knowledge in the field.

Want to know another status symbol that is respected in every…single…area?


Specifically “intelligent” effort. 

Consistent intelligent effort over long periods of time. 

You already know it takes at least 10 years to be an overnight success in business. 

Why would that be different for health and longevity?

It takes just as much effort to eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) and choose not to exercise or optimize physiology as it does to make the better choice.

You read that right. It’s just as easy to make the better choice. I’d argue it’s easier once you draw the line in the sand and identify as a fit, healthy person.

A fit body, with high energy, consciously and subconsciously shows the exact qualities that our society values most. It’s way deeper than abs or a 500-pound bench. It’s a not-so-subtle way of non-verbally communicating internal drive, discipline, and all-out execution. The posture of a fit and healthy person is chest up and eyes forward. That’s genuine strength, confidence, and energy all on display for everyone to see. 

Fit and healthy people are more resilient and harder to kill…and they have much more swagger…which means they can buy more flashy stuff too. 

What’s your status?

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